If you don't fancy painting why not try your
hand at Decopatching

Decopatch is a great way to transform virtually anything into a work of art. First you choose the item you want to Decopatch, it might be a 3D letter or one of our blank bisque items. Next choose your Decopatch papers from our wide choice of amazing designs and colours.

Then the fun starts, simply cut up your sheets and apply them to your object with a special glue-varnish. Decopatch works on card, metal, wood, plastic, glass, in fact just about anything and gives amazing results every time.

There's plenty to choose from and whether it's for you or a gift for someone special you'll have lots of fun creating your own unique design. If you need a bit of inspiration, take a look in our Picture Gallery to see some of the amazing Decopatch designs that have been created at Mable's Paint Pot.

It's easier than you think... here's how it all works

We like to keep things simple, so all you pay for is the item you want to Decopatch and your Decopatch sheets. If you're not sure, we can advise on which sheets work best and how many you will need.

There is no minimum charge and prices for a 3D letter are just £3.00 and Decopatch sheets start from £1.00. At really busy times we may also charge a small studio fee.

Decopatch is a purely decorative art form, there's no glazing involved so you can take your Decopatch item away with you on the day. But bear in mind that unlike fired and glazed items, you can't use Decopatch plates or jugs as crockery, they are for decorative display only.